Why use Mocca: The Movie Magician?

I have a state of the art dedicated PC that is capable of converting and restoring movies very quickly.

I send a email to you the day the items arrive and another to let you know when I begin your project.

I can provide up to a 5 minute sample of your conversion/restoration through a private link on my website for you to review when the project is started.

All of our costs are listed in plain english, on a page listed in the left hand menu, no hidden costs, or bloated estimates.

If you give me time stamps of your videos I can separate it into chapters. For instance 0:00-5:00 “Timmy’s Birthday” 5:00-8:50 “Dad mowing the lawn”.

I have restored over 180hrs of my own home movies.

I liked how they turned out and I loved doing it. Some people such as myself  like to have a fully unedited version of their original  movies.  So what if you have 3 hours of  Samantha drooling when she was 2 years old.  To me it makes it feel more like it's happening all over again when you get the full experience of watching it unfold  completely.

Preserving your memories for generations to come.
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