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What is the average Turnaround Time?

Once I have the video, I will have the finished product shipped out within 3 weeks.

If I fail to ship on last day of the 3rd week I will refund 10% of the total cost of service.

This works to keep me honest on my service times, as well as give you more peace of mind that your project is receiving as much attention as possible.

We encourage our customers to send us their items at least 3 weeks ahead of any scheduled purpose they have for the conversion.

Many times a customer will want a movie conversion done in time for a holiday or special event.

We like to keep a 3 week buffer period for projects. This can shrink or grow by 1-2 weeks based on project volume. We have a project page that shows our current volume.

You can look at this project page at any time and see the date your project started, and itís estimated time of completion.

You also have the option of creating a user account so you can log in and get extended details of your conversion project.
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